“The A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Protection Center”, NGO


STATEMENT 23 June 2015

Letter to the President of the Republic of Armenia Mr. S. Sargsyan


It’s needless to remind you that at the beginning of the 21st century in the world community of states "tectonic" political "games" on the division of spheres of influence and redistribution of the world's material resources take place.

The consequences of these ambitions are devastating for several states, nations and people.

We, Armenians, who in the beginning of the 20 century in practice have experienced all the “charms” of the policy of national destruction, compulsory deportation and loss of our identity and culture, are to be familiar with the pain and  despair which currently experience all those nations.

And seemingly, having such century-long bitter experience of genocide and persecution, we, firstly were to raise our voice in defence of those people who are on the verge of physical destruction, and particularly in defence of those people whose compatriots already for many centuries have been ties with Armenians.   I’m talking about hard-working people of the Yezidis, who together with Armenians have passed a thorny road and shared all our hardships and joys.

I wonder why our Government, which is a party of international of law, never decided on the case of protecting rights and interests of the infringed nations.

Why do we on state level use the policy of “ostrich”-if we don’t see anybody, then nobody sees us?

Much respected Prime-Minister of the Republic of Armenia, isn’t it the time to have our own opinion?

Condemn the slaughter of Yezidis in Iraq on behalf of Armenians. 

It’s your duty in front of the RA citizens, and not implementation of the protocol duty.


Levon Nersisyan

Director of A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Centre


2014-08-20 12:44:59

Letter to the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan on “Accumulative Pension System”

Letter to the RA President on Increase of Gas and Electricity Price

Uncontrollable change of the social situation connected with the possible increase of tariffs for consuming natural gas and electricity both in the spheres of household and small and medium enterprises of the Republic compels me to apply to you  >>>>>>>

2013-06-03 14:09:47

Letter to the RA Prime Minister on Gas Tariffs

On  May 14, 2013 central mass media informed Armenian citizens on 64% of  possible increase of the price of domestic consumption of natural gas  >>>>>>>

2013-06-03 13:55:20

Submission of legislative analysis and suggestions to the RA Minister of Justice based on the complaints of the convict of "Artik" penitentiary Arthur Ayvazyan

Letter to the President of the Republic of Armenia Mr. S. Sargsyan 31.01.2013

Dear Mr. President,

Sorry for bothering you, but I have to appeal to you for assistance.

The problem is in the fact that you have approved "The National Strategic Program of Human Rights in the Republic of Armenia" by Decree № ՆԿ-159 - Ն29.10.2012, which, by the authors plan, is supposed to serve as a methodological basis for elaboration of a three-year "Action Plan" in the sphere of human rights in the Republic of Armenia by the ministries and agencies >>>>>>>

2013-02-05 14:52:27

Letter to the RA Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. Y. Kirakosyan 27.12.2012

Letter to the President of the RA Constitutional Court Mr. G.Harutyunyan

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