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Political Revival of the “Savior” of Nation and a Bit about Morality

That would be naïve to assume that Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s political revival is an attempt to realize the desire of a few of his ally-companions to get the rule back to the “own private circle”.

 The roots are deeper: and the current public-political elite overlooked them in its time because of “political shortsightedness” (or by mutual agreement).

In general, the problem is not in the personality of L.Ter-Petrosyan, but in the aspiration of the Armenian National Movement (ANM) to re-affirm its outlooks as a State worldview.

Which are the preconditions supporting the realization of those hopes of the ANM?

First, the political powers that came to replace the ANM regimen, did not manifest political will to give a public-political evaluation of the departing regimen and satisfied merely by semi-official criticism of some of the former “leaders”, and in special cases – suing against secondary figures. What is more, by this day, the ANM “agitprop” together with its affiliated false public-political structures vividly manipulate the wide layers of the society propagating myths about the leading and exceptional role of the APNM and its leaders in gaining independence, victories in national-liberating wars, organization of spiritual and humanitarian aid for the population of the Disaster Zone, scientific-practical (and which is more important – civilized) contribution in the market economy and increasing the moral-psychological level of the society.  >>>>

2011-03-23 11:16:35

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