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Dear Mr.President,

The situation of internal and external policy in the republic shows that we have reached such a border on the other side of which great social disturbance begin thus contributing to the creation of  chaos and, maybe, the loss of independence >>>>>>>

2013-06-10 19:56:55


Considering the issue of the coming increase in the price of gas it is astounding how the RA Government is planning to mitigate the catastrophic consequences of the action (which is unpopular and has a disastrous effect for the majority of the population) by allotting certain benefits for paying the cost of gas to socially vulnerable families  >>>>>>>

2013-06-03 14:03:58


Don’t you think it’s time to pause for a while in this “race for the proof our national exclusiveness” and try to realize how we all together have defiled our motherland for the last 23 years?

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2013-04-18 12:21:24

Some recommendations on organizing the process of learning in the framework of the programme “Civil Society School”

In discussingthe regulations set forth in the "Memo", we agreed that the annual cycle of training of students should be divided into six phases with two form of education-theoretical and practical.

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2013-01-18 12:13:40


Dear Colleagues,

I will notfocus your attention on our achievements in forming civil society in the regions of the Republic of Armenia, because this is not the subject of the current discussion.


2013-01-18 12:12:15

Once again about the domestic democracy

When socially significant events take place in the Republic of Armenia affecting the moral bases of the members of the society (regardless of their socio-political orientation), one might wonder "Who favours from it?"

Recently, almost all formal and informal mass media have been discussing the attempt to organize the Festival of four Azerbaijani short films in Armenia.

One must pay tribute to George Vanyan for purposefully pushing the idea of the Festival, which later evolved into the status of "chamber" viewing of the mentioned films just for the "selected" journalists.

I can’t assert that George Vanyan is a fan of Azerbaijani culture: one can hardly believe that he is a great humanist and an advocate of tolerance judging by his speeches, and that he is a real Christian ready to hold up his second cheek for the name of his neighbour’s forgiveness does not correspond to his “submissive” image. A question then arises: “Which are the motives of his demonstrative activity?”

I haven’t seen and thus can’t confirm his “selflessness”, but I can say it is more probable that he suffers the “Herostratus syndrome”: that is-to enter into the history of Armenia even from the “back door”.

It is unlikely thatthe idea of ​​organizingthe "Festival" in Armenia came to George Vanyan spontaneously, "by the whisperings of the extraterrestrial forces." Such were the cases of Mohammed and Moses in the history. Thus, the mentioned idea has terrestrial origin and is one of the forms of propaganda in the Republic in favour of purely political ambitions of a number of countries seeking to create a special world order corresponding to their moral values.

The idea of​​democracy in the "straightforward and simplified" form, which is cultivated in our country, generates a series of moral consequences at each step. The "democratic populist social ideology" – the abstract of the national culture, mentality, history and destiny of the nation, makes a person evade responsibility in front of the society. This kind of "democratic ideology" contributes to the creation of aggressiveness in society in relation to each other. A layer of the population is formed in the country, guided by the idea of ​​destroyingthe moral and ethical foundations of society.

Thiscan be explained by the fact that after "Euronest" in Baku, where the President of Azerbaijan, being  in the state of war with Armenia, accuses our country in all “mortal sins, once again voices gross falsifications and speculation against the Armenian nation and once again calls the Armenians fascists" (“Golos Armenii”, April 5, 2012, № 35), the local democrats in the face of George Vanyan & Co organize festival of short films of this country, ignoring the memory of the Armenian people, which has been formed, at least, over the past 20 years.

Werethe victims of massacres in Baku, Sumgait and Kirovabad, thousands of refugees forcibly deported from Azerbaijan, parents and friends of the dead freedom fighters, family members of the murdered Armenian officer with an ax in his sleep in Budapest, the victims of sniper war during the cease-fire period, and many other victims of Azerbaijani xenophobia to perceive the idea of ​​thisfestival in Armenia at least neutrally in favour of the cultivated tolerance? You are mistaken, gentlemen, embodying the "straight democratic ideology."

Apparently, thetransformation of public memory requires laborious long-term activities in the society of the opposing countries, but not showy unilateral desire to be "more Catholic than the Pope" in the issues of tolerance and democracy.

While condemningthe behaviour of George Vanyan & Co, it’s impossible “to pass by" the disgraceful and dishonourable behaviour of the local law enforcement bodies operating in the classical form of double standards.

Gentlemenrepresentatives of local government and various law enforcement bodies!

When you are defending the interests of the owners of the retail boutiques on Mashtots Avenue, you bring forward more than one hundred police officers against two dozen representatives of the civil initiatives "My City" and "We are the owners of this city", and when it is necessary to protect the security of the human rights organizations in Gyumri and Vanadzor, then you hide behind the backs of the protesters. You knew in advance that a public demonstration of protest had been planned in these towns, and you were obliged to create conditions to ensure that no undesirable incidents would take place.
It would be nice to watch at least some international news.  The whole Norwegian Police guarded the "Norwegian shot" from lynching by the relatives of the victims of his crime...

Mr. Police Chief of the Republic of Armenia, the RA Constitution requires you to organize the protection of natural and legal persons, regardless of your personal sympathies or antipathies. It is your duty and the duty of your subordinates! This is required by a legal state, and in this case the word "democracy" is not an empty phrase.


Levon Nersisyan

Director of the A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Protection Centre

2012-05-21 12:18:38

Selected groups of minorities in RA (case study)

Report on the implementation of the RA Law on Armenian nationals not having done compulsory military service by breaching the established procedure (OSCE Office in Yerevan)

Human Rights Organizations have Become Political Sticks

This week, to the gladness of radicals and “grant-eaters”, Armenia has been in the centre of international human rights organizations’ attention.

In particular, the Freedom House, as always for the recent years, although ranking Armenia among partially free countries, gave us 6 point for “non-freedom” of speech and political “non-freedom”, that is to say, Armenia only for one point falls behind the Khanik Azerbaijan, which is the 7th in the list of “non-free” countries.

And the day before, another human rights organization, the Human Rights Watch, appeared again with a strict criticism.

How adequate were these marks? An answer to this question should be given by Levon Nersisyan, the director of the A.D.Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Centre. >>>>

2011-03-23 11:30:15

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