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"So when you, a mere human being, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment" (The Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans, chapter 2.3).

Today, the entire Armenian people are experiencing probably the greatest tragedy since the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

In such a difficult and tragic period for our homeland, thousands of Armenians bow to the memory of the victims of this war.

The war took the lives of a whole generation of young people, the loss of which will be felt by the whole nation in the coming decades, and now this is an irreversible grief for their parents, relatives and friends ․․․

Every member of the Armenian nation, no matter where he is physically, has no moral justification for the incompetent actions of the country's leadership, which led to such enormous human losses, distorted destinies, destroyed cities and villages, destroyed historical and national cultural values, ruined childhood, tears of mothers and insulted dignity of Armenians ․․․

It is not the enemy's fault that the nation found itself in such a deplorable state that each of us, in fact, did not have the courage and the foresight to see what had become a disaster for the nation in the last less than three years period…

Blinded by hatred for the third president’s government style and its methods, the vast majority of the country's population believed in a man who turned out to be a sick liar, with a poor education. Gathering people like him around him, he led the country to destruction.

By not accepting or denying an evil, we, losing our age-old worldly wisdom, were enchanted by its false mantras of justice.

Some of our compatriots (both at homeland and abroad) still believe in this unprincipled, immoral, cowardly man and his team, and hope that they will still be able to lift our homeland from the ruins.

Dear compatriots, this will not happen․․․Because he and his team are deprived of a sense of responsibility, of a sense of public duty, they are alien to such high moral values as honor, dignity, kindness, mercy, and compassion. They have only one feeling - envy because of their own inferiority.

Some of our compatriots suppose that by criticizing the current Prime Minister and his team, they will achieve that the latter will realize the widespread misery of their thoughts, actions, will regret, and resign. It will not happen, because the purpose of their existence is to maintain power. And in order to achieve that goal, they are capable of provoking any baseness, even civil war. So, to call this type of "people" to be guided in their actions by the moral values ​​typical of the representatives of the ancient nation, is "ungrateful work"․․․

I think the eternal question "Who is to blame?" was answered by the current situation in the Homeland.

It remains to answer the next / other eternal question: "What to do?"

Representatives of the progressive part of the thinking Armenian society, you deserve the highest respect and gratitude for standing up in such a difficult and tragic period for our Motherland to defend the Armenian statehood and nation. This outburst of the soul is necessary, but not enough for the cause.

In my opinion, it is urgent to develop strategic theses for the comprehensive restoration of the socio-political, socio-economic life of the country.

It is very important to tell each of our compatriots where to "go" (these are just theses, not a complete program that will be developed by relevant specialists).

On the other hand, it is necessary to introduce the institution of a "people's prosecutor" in order to record and generalize all the crimes committed by the current and past authorities in the domestic and foreign policy of the country.


With respect,

Levon Nersisyan

2020-11-19 13:46:30

"The Curve Can't Be Straight․․․"

“It is better not to promise you than to promise

and do not do it” Solomon


“Due” to the moral average of our country's statistical population, we were unable to implement even the elements of democratic governance.

For nearly 30 years, starting with the first president and ending with the current prime minister of the parliamentary republic, all the leaders and their stewards, that is, representatives of the country's so-called political, socio-economic, spiritual-cultural and public elite (the "cream of the nation"), have shown in practice how one can fool the “beloved” people with their dogmatic slogans and the insistence of talking about “good and evil” while pursuing their evil interests. This process instills feelings of hatred, intolerance, and despair in society.

At the same time, the “cream of the nation”, by its own example of using public and state advantages and opportunities, brings together the representatives of a certain segment of the population (regardless of social class) who instinctively yearn to be deceived by the “authorities”.

As a rule, representatives of our nation abroad are distinguished by their reasonableness, hard work, law-abiding and patriotism. And in our own country, we mainly have a semi-literate, ambitious-arrogant provincial, a moderate criminal demagogue who practices his essence with alien humanitarian ideas. As a rule, we are now alien to the compassion for our neighbor. We are even ready to solve our problems at his expense; It should be remembered, "All human affairs are for his mouth, and his soul is not surfeit."

At every opportunity, we are ready to talk about personal freedom, justice, and human rights, and in our daily lives we "do not know what we are doing."

The aforementioned part of our society was formed at the beginning of the Third Republic's establishment under the influence of the ANM ideology, which later developed into a complete worldview of "anarchy".

Neither the second nor the third presidents have condemned the ANM ideology. Moreover, during the reign of the Third President, the worldview of "permissiveness" has reached an absolute level, on the basis of which the present society is going to build an authoritarian regime through "street democracy".

"Street democracy" does not imply the personal responsibility of each participant to express their feelings and behaviors. In the mass, a person loses his personality and obeys the general rules of the crowd.

The crowd is an element of unconscious emotion that is capable of destroying everything creative when it is manipulated. It is no coincidence that in the upper echelons it is accepted to call ordinary meeting participants "poghoses". And for the prime minister, the “poghoses” are human consumables that are needed to achieve their own goal of monopoly.

Interestingly, is there any research body in our country that is capable of assessing the level of national harm (during the years of independence) in the scientific, technical, spiritual-cultural, professional, and most importantly, moral areas, due to the constant degradation of the population?

Most likely, native society is subject to objective and subjective circumstances, such as low demands for moral standards of education in society;lack of a sustainable education system and professional staff training system;the lack of state thinking among the "authorities" and so on,has lost the ability to produce worthy representatives of the public.

Representatives of the "World of Anarchy", seeking to provide foreign education for themselves and their children, do not consider that vocational education does not guarantee the development of a full individuality for the good of the homeland.

When a civil servant of any degree with a provincial mindset, armed with false-revolutionary slogans, at the request of the day "shapes" the present and future of the country to his own taste, unconditionally obeying the inadequate decisions of his like, but superior "guru", or as a rule, not always with adequate social networks and "street democracy", we will never build a society with high moral values, made up of proud (now fashionable) citizens.

We, Armenians, do not have the moral right to be an "ignorant crowd".

P.S. The above mentioned was vividly expressed in Munich during a panel discussion between the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia N. Pashinyan and President of AzerbaijanH. Aliyev. It is unfortunate that the leader of our country, with his ignorance, confused posture and lack of English, made the ancient and wise Armenian people uncomfortable. At the same time, the services that were obliged to provide information to the head of state, instead of doing their job properly, are trying to present this information defeat as a victory. Gentlemen, if you are not ready for discussions of this level, it is better to avoid them

2020-02-26 11:16:30

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